Stop Recruiting Bad Board Members. How You Make the Difference.

Stop Recruiting Disappointing Board MembersDisappointing board members don’t just happen. Someone invites them into your board room. By bad board members, I mean individuals who rarely attend meetings, give lots of advice but avoid implementing it, contribute the minimum, and otherwise fail to lead. How can you avoid them?

1. Always be recruiting.

When it comes to board prospects, you want a pair and a spare. Develop a low-labor process to recruit year-round. Establish a system to drop candidates into your candidate pool. A big pool means you’ll never invite out of desperation.

2. Invite known quantities.

Known quantities are people you trust. You trust others over time. You experience a lot together. From these events, you learn how others behave in groups, under pressure, and when confronted with unpleasant news. Know your candidates.

3. Select with care.

From your candidate pool, pick individuals who:
  • make decisions based on facts and logic,
  • will move your nonprofit to the next level,
  • give great advice.


Does this seem like a lot of work? It probably is more effort than you invest in recruiting. However, you’ll find it takes less than energy than you’ll spend dealing with second-rate board members. Do the work upfront to avoid later damage. Contact me, if you would like help.
Your effort makes the difference. On your watch, invite great board members to your table.

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