Karen is the real deal…

If you really break down what you are looking for in a consultant, it is someone who can listen well, who can correctly and effectively evaluate your situation and your needs, who can develop a plan that makes sense, execute on that plan-including connecting the dots and empowering the colleagues and supporters needed to put the plan into action, who can take all of the information and knowledge gathered and form it into ideas that capture their essence (whether it be the truth, ideas, action items), communicate those ideas effectively and then deliver an end product that is understandable, useful and helpful to the organization or the community it serves. In my experience, it is easy to find people who can do some of these things, and extraordinary to find someone, like Karen Eber Davis, who can do them all. She is the real deal. And excellent to work with.

Karen Eber Davis

Karen Eber Davis Consulting guides executive directors and CEOs to generate the resources, boards, and support they need to make remarkable progress on their missions. As the award-winning thought-leader, advisor, and founding principal of Karen Eber Davis Consulting, Karen helps nonprofit leaders get answers, generate revenue, and grow their mission. Davis is known for her innovation and practicality based on her work with or visits to over 1,000 nonprofit organizations and her experience leading board and team events. She is the author of 7 Nonprofit Income Streams and Let's Raise Nonprofit Millions Together.