What About Your Nonprofit Gala?

What about Your Gala?This conversation is a rare, free interactive opportunity to explore high-level thinking with other nonprofit executives about galas.

Nonprofits have a love-hate relationship with their large special events. We love the revenue. Receipts fund must-have operating expenses that nobody wants to buy. When done well, these events deliver donors fun, new supporters, sponsorship opportunities, plus fresh enthusiasm for your mission.

On the other hand, galas require planning akin to a large wedding. Sadly, no one gets a honeymoon afterward, especially your staff who need some downtime.

Enter COVID 19

The pandemic commandeered our best laid 2020 gala plans. In some cases, nonprofit leaders are using this unusual time to explore if galas even belong in their nonprofits’ long-term fundraising portfolios. Others can’t wait to get back to their regular schedule.

Whether you intend to return to your traditional gala ASAP or replace them with alternatives, this Sept 23 conversation will offer new insight around your options. We’ll look at what you’ve done and plan to do, plus examples of nonprofits using different models. The goal is to grow clarity and perhaps a bit of a gala roadmap as 2020 closes and 2021 begins.

Karen’s Nonprofit CEOs Conversation: The Details

The one-hour conversation will start at 1 pm eastern on Zoom. It is for nonprofit CEOs, executive directors only. Numbers are limited, so if you would like to join us, please email Karen@kedconsult.com to reserve a place. You’ll receive sign-in information.

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