How to Ace Your CEO Performance Review

How to Ace Your CEO EvaluationKaren’s January 2022 CEO Conversation 

January 27, 2022, at 1 p.m. Eastern

With Special Guest:  Judith Lisi, General Director, Opera Tampa; President and CEO, Straz Center

In the last year, have you had a performance appraisal? Even before the pandemic, many, if not most, more nonprofit CEOs and executive directors had not. (45 percent, Daring to Lead, 75 percent Social Impact Architecture.)

You may feel you’re better off without one because CEO evaluations create wounds, discouragement, and exit plans when done poorly.

Yet, when done well, performance appraisals create hope, organizational learning, aligned expectations, and personal growth.

Your CEO evaluations can become turning points for:

  • Clear expectations between the board and staff about roles,
  • Better goal alignment,
  • Vigorous organization performance assessments, and
  • Common sense salary discussions.

Join Karen’s CEO Conversation to discover how your peers approach their CEO performance appraisals and best practice used to ace them. Whether you’ve yet to have your first appraisal or are facing your 40th, this session will give you insight on what you can achieve and how to approach these critical board conversations.

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Karen’s CEO Conversations are a great place to have candid, useful conversations with other nonprofit CEOs.
Mona Duffus
Dawning Family Services

Great call today – very helpful. I picked up lots of very helpful information, so THANK YOU!!!
Diane Nahabedian
Executive Director
Monkey Helpers

Every one of the conversations has been fantastic. I have applied something from each one for my work.
Erica (Mossholder) Klauber
Executive Director
Children’s Craniofacial Association

It doesn’t have to be lonely at the top.

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