11 Ways to Publicize Your Wish List

1. Front Page News. Include your wish list in your newsletter.
2. 24-7. Add you wish list to your website.
3. Street Side Notice. List one item on your outside changeable copy signs.  Got peanut butter? Need donations.
4. Super Size Post It. Create a large bulletin board at your special event with space for donors to indicate their gifts.
5. Every Day. During the rest of the year, place it on a bulletin board in a high traffic area.
6. Help Everybody. Ask your Community Foundation, United Way, local newspaper or other nonprofit support organization to publish nonprofit wish lists in their publications.
7. This Month’s Special. Select one item to highlight each month. Share the need at every appropriate meeting with a 20 second infomercial.
8. Thank You. Use your email signature to thank wish list donors and use this same space to mention items you still need.
9. Friendly Competition. Identify two teams, i.e., from different insurance offices, and provide a prize (hopefully donated) to the team that provides the most of a needed item.
10 .True Partners. Ask worship centers, clubs or other groups to publish your list on the back of their mailings, meeting schedules, etc. and collect items for you.
11. Tickets. Create a new list once a year before your organization’s founding date. For your annual meeting, request an admission of one item from the list.

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