The Grant Background Question: 15 Points to Include

Grant applications almost always include a request for you to: “Share the mission, primary goals and recent accomplishments of the organization.” Your answer to this question offers an excellent opportunity for you to establish your organization’s credibility and worth. When your application includes appropriate information, concepts and milestones, your reader learns about your organization’s capacity to undertake and successfully complete the proposed activity. When the answer you give also, demonstrates how your organization is an outstanding leader in your field, you enhance your chances for funding in competitive settings.

Often, writers find it challenging to cover all the information they wish to convey in the space allocated for an answer. To help with the task, I’ve compiled a list of important points I frequently include. For your grant application, select the items from this list that show your organization in the best light. That is, write to demonstrate your organization’s leadership, credibility and worth. (In all cases, include any specifics requested by the donor.)

The List in Order

1.Mission and year founded
2.The year you obtained your tax exempt 501(c)(3) status and other milestones
3.The location(s) of your physical facility, plus building and expansion plans
4.The range of programs you provide, especially those related to your request
5.Your geographic service area
6.The number you serve each year and service trends
7.The demographics of those you serve
8.Information about your board, advisory groups and their activities
9.New activities and staff, i.e., executive director change
10.Your latest awards and recognitions
11.Quotations from clients and community leaders about your excellent service
12.An explanation of how your goals and activities overlap with the funder’s goals and interests
13.Several future goals
14.Details on how these goals relate to this proposal (they should!)
15.Why you are seeking funds now

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