Underinvesting in Your Strategy

What are the three key places where you will get the most bang for your buck when you invest in your strategy?

What happens when you fail to invest?

How can too little investment impact your board thinking about their nonprofit service?

This video explores these questions and will help you look professional when you embark on developing a strategy for your nonprofit.


7 Strategy Mistakes That Make Your Nonprofit Look Unprofessional #7 Chapters

00:00 Introduction to the seventh most common nonprofit strategy mistake

00:48 Where should you invest in nonprofit strategic planning?

00:57 Strategic planning design and facilitation

01:27 Recruiting people to help develop the nonprofit strategic

02:00 Executing your strategic plan

02:23 Your next step Many nonprofits create strategies that don’t help them and make them look unprofessional.

Watch this playlist: 7 Strategy Mistakes that Make Your Nonprofit Look Unprofessional to explore all seven mistakes.


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