Grow Revenue: Challenge Your Board to Take 7 Actions

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Fundraising is for everyone. Who is everyone? Development staff, of course, but also the board, CEO and other leaders, staff, volunteers, and even donors. We start with your board, the leaders of the gang.

 What Can Board Members Do? 

Getting Very Practical

Research tells us that we each spend up to one day per week checking messages. Challenge your board to transform one daily message check into twelve minutes of specific actions to help your nonprofit grow. Some of the seven suggestions below directly create revenue; others grow your community-the source of new money.
1. Join the legacy society. Contact your human resources department to get the form to add the nonprofit to your life insurance beneficiaries. (Fill out the form another day.)


2. Plan whom to invite to the next event. Drop that person an email. Ask them to save the date.


3. Write a testimonial about how serving as a board member enhances your life. (Nonprofits: Collect these testimonials and give them to prospective members.)


4.  Send a personal, unsolicited thank you to a donor, foundation, or other individual involved in uplifting the organization.


5. Write a testimonial on LinkedIn for the CEO, a staff member, or volunteer who recently completed an outstanding job.


6. Schedule a time to tour the facility, volunteer, or otherwise grow your knowledge about the nonprofit’s services.



Send this challenge to your board members.

It Doesn’t Have to Be Lonely at the Top

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