Crafting a Kick-Ass Board Agenda

How often do your board members leave your meeting, declaring that it was the best meeting they had all month?
Did you know that a Verizon study found that meetings were considered the #1 time-waster? Or that professionals average up to 60 meetings per month. Or that 50 percent of meeting agendas are just recycled from month to month?
The good news is that with so many second-rate meetings, your gathering can stand out. Your board members can leave your meeting even more committed to your work than when they arrived.

Watch this video to tweak how you craft your board agendas, so you and the board declare that it was the best meeting of the month.
00:00 Crafting a kick-ass board agenda
00:14 A great agenda
00:22 How to be an outstanding CEO
00:40 How to prepare the agenda
01:10 Write this down
01:22 Three ways to organize- easy, critical, and “food” to grow
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