Creating Board Member Income Heroes

Embrace Your Power

If you don’t have enough board members helping you to obtain the resources you need–it might be your fault. I don’t say this to blame you. Instead, I share it to make you aware of your power. 

super-woman-illustration_gkbycnt__lLet me explain.

Board member income heroes are created, not born. Hero creation is developmental. At some point in the past, even the best income heroes suggested garage sales and contacting Warren Buffet. 

What happen to change them? Someone like you taught them. They might have learned under the wing of a family member or a mentor. More likely they became wise through a series of intentional or accidental events, including listening well, evaluating success, and experiencing income generation or failure.

To create income board heroes, you help ordinary people to take intentional steps toward heroism. As they move, you help them gain and refine skills. Throughout their terms of service, you help every member grow their income generating abilities.

Your adventure to your own super heroes might be short or long. In any case, you lead them. How will you act to get your board members to don their hero capes? Claim your own super powers. Recognize your ability to create income board member heroes and then act. 

Resources to help: