3. Are You Including Enough People in Your Strategy Process?

If you fail to include enough people in your strategy development process, you lose.
You miss out on ideas and support, and you look unprofessional.
In this video, learn what it means to cast a wide net and whom you want to catch when you cast your net.


00:00 Does your strategy development process making you look unprofessional?

00:10 Definition: What is “failing to cast a wide net?”

00:28 How does failing to cast a wide net make you look unprofessional?

00:38 Your nonprofit’s three bottom-lines

01:00 Why else is it helpful to cast a wide net?

02:09 Who should you include when you cast your wide net?

02:59 Are you gaining these benefits from your strategy process?

03:15 About this series, 7 Strategy Mistakes that Make Your Nonprofit Look Unprofessional


Many nonprofits create strategies that don’t help them and make them look unprofessional. This video is one of the series, 7 Strategy Mistakes that Make Your Nonprofit Look Unprofessional.

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