Is Your Board Ready to Move? How to Assess if You’re Go

Is Your Board Ready to Move? How to Quickly Assess if Your Systems Are GoTurning the key in the rental car ignited a dashboard display. The needles on the gauges jumped from high to low before settling at their level. In an instant, I knew everything was working and how far I could go.
Wouldn’t it be nice if at every board meeting you could see if your board was ready to go or needed a pit stop? Board sweep gauges don’t exist. Nonetheless, you can assess your board’s travel readiness. How? Add mini-evaluations to your meetings.
Assess your board using tools, such as:
  • Checklists

  • (Check all of the fundraising activities you experienced.)


  • (Indicate on this index card if you have a will.)


  • (Which effort–one, two or three–was most effective in supporting your leadership last year?)


  • (On a scale of one to ten, rate our stewardship efforts.)
Use the answers to inform your moves. Sometimes you’ll jump into high gear. Other times, you’ll crawl as you share information and offer learning experiences. In either case, by evaluating your board, you’ll reach your goals sooner. Until software engineers develop board sweep gauges, assess your board’s readiness to travel.