2. The Failing to Create a Winner Nonprofit Strategy Mistake

Does your nonprofit’s current strategy make you look professional? More importantly, is it a winner? That is, when you use it, does your nonprofit succeed? This video outlines three tests you can apply to your current strategy to help you find out.

Chapters of The Failing to Create a Winner Nonprofit Strategy Mistake

00:00 Introduction: How Can You Tell if Your Strategy is a winner?
00:12 Test 1: Brevity
00:33 Test 2: Challenging and Engaging
01:25 Test 3: One Size Fits All
01:45 To win, your nonprofit needs a unique, custom strategy
02:00 About this series

Nonprofit organizations that experience abrupt threats to their sustainability, like the COVID pandemic, act with purpose. That is, they create a strategy and execution plan to move forward. A strategy, among other things, is your master plan to win–to survive and thrive now. Yet, many nonprofits create strategies that don’t help them and make them look unprofessional. This series, 7 Strategy Mistakes that Make Your Nonprofit Look Unprofessional, explores common mistakes.

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Watch: Do You Use Mom and Pop Language When You Talk about Strategy?

Karen can help your nonprofit identify the critical question you face, find multiple options to answer it, and discover your best strategy based on your needs and vision. With her guidance, you, your board, staff, and supporters will know how to “win” more outcomes, money, and friends to propel you toward your vision. Available virtually, face-to-face, or a mix of both. To learn more or for a free discovery call, contact Karen.

7 Strategy Mistakes that Make Your Nonprofit Look Unprofessional


Karen Eber Davis

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