9 Reasons Why Fundraising Isn’t Scary!

  1. sharp bayonet plantYou don’t have to stand on the corner and beg.
  2. You don’t have to stand on the corner and beg.
  3. You don’t have to ask strangers for money.
  4. You only ask after you’ve given yourself. Did it scare you to be asked?
  5. You’re offering people an opportunity to make a real difference.
  6. Giving gives people a better life—and that’s not terrifying.
  7. No one will shoot at you or attack you with a clone.
  8. It’s hard to find good places to invest. If your nonprofit provide great ROI, you’re helping.
  9. The ghosts, or the frightening things you’ve heard about fundraising, turn into fleeting shadows in the light.
  10. It’s addictive–in a positive sense. When volunteering with the Association of Fundraising Professionals Youth Philanthropy Program, after receiving a gift, my teen friend said, “That was fun. Lets do it again!”