Do You Have a Broken-Cash-Machine Habit?

Do You Have a Broken-Cash-Machine Habit?To thrive, you eliminate processes that provide little or no rewards. Here’s a process you might still use that needs your attention: The Broken-Cash Machine Habit.
What is the Broken-Cash Machine Habit?
It’s a human tendency to seeking money from places that once funded you, but which are now barren.
For example, you
  • Call a donor repeatedly, who funded you a decade ago. The donor doesn’t take your calls,
  • Request grants from a foundation, who funded you once–but never funded anyone twice, or
  • Chase after a sponsor when the relationship soured years ago.
These, dear readers, and similar activities demonstrate a Broken-Cash Machine Habit. We, as a species, return to the places that once provided resources. Working cash machines continue to reward you.
Going to broken ones is the problem.
You want to use this human tendency to return to resources when it serves you and overrule it when it stunts your growth.
When you eliminate this habit, you focus your energy opportunities to obtain revenue with the highest chances of success.
You have a river of opportunities outside your door. Seek them.
Your Not-to-Do Tip:
STOP Visiting Broken Cash Machines


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