Do You Have a Culture of Philanthropy? 4 Quick Tests

You seek a culture of philanthropy, but do you have one? Yes, you want more donors and reoccurring contributions to bursts and boom cycles. You want fundraising to get easier every year for practical reasons. A culture of philanthropy is not a wish. It’s not only a proclamation. Can you prove you have one? How?

What’s “Do You have a Culture of Philanthropy” About?

This video offers four innovative approaches to measure your culture of philanthropy. It recommends goals for each one. Reaching these goals (or moving steadily toward them) proves that your culture is philanthropic. Growth in these numbers demonstrates cultural change.  This video focuses strictly on the number of people making gifts. However, obtaining these gifts and implementing changes is

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Chapters of Does Your Nonprofit Have a Culture of Philanthropy? 4 Quick Tests

0:00 Can We Talk Confidentially?

0:46 How to Move from a Vague Concept–a Culture of  Philanthropy–into Measurable Specifics

1:03 Board Giving

1:21 Staff Giving

1:38 Volunteer Giving

2:06 Customer Giving

2:14 Get Practical: Use this Video–Why Go to the Trouble of Developing a Culture of Philanthropy? 2:52 More resources


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