Do You Have Culture of Philanthropy? A Quick Test

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that nonprofits with an active donated fundraising effort often claim they have a culture of philanthropy.

You want more donors and reoccurring contributions to bursts and boom cycle. You want fundraising to get easier every year for practical reasons.

You seek a culture of philanthropy, but do you have one? A culture of philanthropy is not a wish. It’s not only a proclamation. It’s something that you prove. How?

This video recommends four innovative ways to measure your culture and goals for each one. Reaching these lofty goals (and moving toward them at a steady pace) is outward proof that your culture is now is becoming philanthropic.

Watch this video and learn how to quickly test if you merit the culture of philanthropy designation, yet. And if not, the first steps to take to get there.

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