How to Hire Exceptional Development Staff

Don’t you hate it when you make a mistake, and it gets covered in the local media?

This may happen to you if you’re hiring a new development staff member, just as people are getting used to the last one. Hiring development staff that doesn’t work out is one of the most expensive and public mistakes nonprofits make.

Development staff turnover costs $100,000, plus your board, the donors you’re cultivating, the community foundation, and other nonprofit leaders learn about it. If this happens often enough, you get a reputation as a place for good fundraisers to avoid. You can solve this challenge. Watch this video to hire well the first time, or the next time.


Table of Contents

00:00 The Development Staff Turnover Challenge

01:00 The Three Opportunities

01:09 What to Look for in the Application and Cover Letter

01:47 How to Conduct a Smart Telephone Interview

02:17 How to Conduct a Quality Face-to-Face Interview

If you’d like to even more about hiring development staff or fundraising planning , please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’d love to help you recruit and retain a top notch fund raising staff that launches your nonprofit onward and upward.

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Karen Eber Davis

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