Is Your Greatest Income Challenge What You Think It Is?

Man walking through gears in circlesAnswer honestly. During the past week have you said or thought one of the following?

  • I’m so busy.
  • Things are hectic.
  • There’s too much to do.

You’re not alone. Time management is the number one challenge nonprofit leaders face. You wear many hats besides the one attached to your title. No matter your role, you support the mission and income growth. You charm and engage board members, donors, customers, volunteers, and newcomers.

Here’s the reason time management so critical. You have 168 hours to invest every week. If you’re only barely mastering your hours now, how will you handle the workload when you grow?

Your Added Value Today

You can stand out in the crowd because of your accomplishments. Here are four ways to get started:

  1. Record your time for the rest of today. Learn where you invest it, now. You’ll be surprised!
  2. On a notepad, list activities you love to do and do well. Keep it front and center as a reminder to insert more of these activities into your days.
  3. Look at your calendar from last week. Pick one activity to quit.
  4. Learn more about how to manage nonprofit time with your peers and receive a customized coaching session with Karen, sign-up for Five Secrets to Time Management in Nonprofits today. I’ll help you to find the time to accomplish more.

Select one action now and get started. Whatever your decision, congratulations. Deciding to manage your time is better time management.