How to Hire a Nonprofit DEI Consultant with Simma Lieberman

Are you considering investing in a diversity consultant? How can you choose among the plethora of options? After all, “Diversity is a big industry—about 8 billion per year gets spent on diversity trainings in America….” according to The New York Times.

In this five-minute video, Karen interviews inclusion expert Simma Lieberman. Simma answers your DEI consultant nonprofit questions so you can make practical and informed buying decisions for your nonprofit.

Simma Lieberman, known as The Inclusionist, is the recipient of the 2017 Global Diversity Leadership Award.


Chapters of How to Hire a DEI Consultant with Simma Lieberman

0:00 DEI Consulting Resources

0:11 Karen Introduces Simma Lieberman

0:21 Never Forget this When You Hire a DEI Consultant

0:48 How to Hire the Right Consultant

1:45 What Surprises CEOs about DEI Work?

2:42 How Simma Can Help You?

3:14 Why Bias Trainings Don’t Change Culture

4:04 Karen’s Nonprofit CEOs Buying Decision Videos


Simma’s Book

110 Ways To Champion Diversity and Build Inclusion

Simma’s Podcast

Everyday Conversations on Race for Everyday People  

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