Does Your Board’s Diversity Reflect Your Values?

Does your board’s diversity reflect your values? What happens when it doesn’t?

Most nonprofits have lofty values that includes collaboration, empowerment, community and excellence. And most nonprofits leaders are dissatisfied with their board’s diversity.

This video explores this question and offers you a tactic to improve the quality of your board diversity conversations and recruitment practices.


00:00 Looking at Your Website and Asking a Question

00:30 You’re Not Alone

00:59 Why You Want Your Values and Your Board’s Diversity to Match

01:22 Some Perspective

02:25 Improve Your Conversations and Recruitment

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Increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are on your agenda, even if you didn’t place it there. You face pressure from funders, donors, staff, and board members to move forward on social justice. Not only that, many nonprofit leaders I speak to embrace that greater DEI is overdue–that it’s the right thing to do.
Few roadmaps to get there exists. And, given all you need to juggle during this pandemic, including safety, finances, staff changes, and exhaustion, it can be daunting even to know where to begin.
This collection of resources invites you to get underway and continue your journey. Discover:

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