5 Presents to Give Yourself for the Holidays

1. A Magic Slate. Yesterday, you learned. Be grateful for the education, no matter the cost. Start fresh.   a picture of a magic slate






2. An Oxygen Mask. Love your neighbors as yourself gives two parties love. Each is important. Like on an airplane, first you don the oxygen mask of self-love; then help your neighbor with love.

an oxygen mask







3. A Sense of Safety. Despite the animal prints, those are not saber tooth tigers across the room. Most of this is not life and death.
a woman in a shirt with a tiger skin pattern






4. Plenty of Rewards. Discipline is a muscle to strengthen with use. Pick one thing you will do in 2014. Reward yourself for doing it. Start with daily then weekly and finally monthly rewards for completion. As necessary, treat yourself like a six year-old.

a pile of candy







5. Hope. You will get there, you just don’t know when.  If this hope helped prisoner of war in Vietnam survive, it will help you to thrive.

an MIA bracelet