On the Joys of Singing

I like to sing. It can be in the car to an oldies hit that takes me back to my teens, in worship with new songs and old hymns, or at a ball game, as we stand for The Star Spangled Banner.

Singing is about reciting poetry and making melody. Singing is about using our voice in a different ways than we use them daily. Singing with others is about coordinating efforts and creating more. I know that science shows that group singing is good for us. (However, I am unsure if that research has been done yet.) Unlike children who have music at schools, camps and lessons, as adults we are offered few places to sing together.

One reason I like our congregation is that it is a singing congregation. Even people like me, who are not in the choir, and who do not feel particularly voice-gifted sing with gusto. Fortunately, on Easter I was surround by visitors. Unfortunately, the visitors around me didn’t open a hymnal and try to follow along—much less sing. And so, what would have been an interesting if not uplifting experience for them, had to be drudgery. They stood and listen as other around them sung and, I guess, waited for it to be over.

Life is about participation. To get the full measure of it, when you have a chance to sing, sing with gusto.