The Gap Between Now and Your Vision

Finding The Best Strategy to Bridge The Gap

Are you energized by an exciting, wonderful vision for your nonprofit? How can you close the gap between where you are now and move to your vision as effectively and as efficiently as possible? With effective strategy, of course.

This Visual, Strategy Options “Hurricane Tracks” gives you a picture of a nonprofit examining several strategies and the impacts of their choices. You’ll find it practical to explore this model because:

  • It illustrates that developing a strategy is a process that involves testing potential options.
  • It implies that while we would all like to take a straight path to our vision, we won’t.
  • It shows that not all strategies succeed. Strategy 1 moves directly forward but ends up missing the vision. Strategy 3 moves the nonprofit forward but fails to reach the vision. Strategy 4 gets to the vision the long way around and enters by a back door. Since it does arrive at the Vision, in this case, it is the second-best option, after Strategy 2.

Most important, the Hurricane Track Visual reminds strategy developers that multiple options exist. Nonprofits succeed effectively and efficiently by exploring multiple strategies, selecting, and then customizing the one that fits best.

a graphic with now on the left side and wonderful exciting vision on the right with four curved strategy lines between them