Fighting Nonprofit Fires with Vision

Only You Can Prevent Nonprofit Fires

Fighting Nonprofit Fires with VisionWho knew when you became a nonprofit leader so much of your work would involve putting out fires? Fires have pending deadlines and failure consequences. Some have pyrotechnic potential.

What’s on fire? Tasks, such as
  • preparations for your event
  • the audit team arriving tomorrow, and
  • filling vacant staff positions
We respond to fires by throwing all our efforts into whacking out the flames.
Instead, imagine reacting to fire with vision. You decide to make things better, not just extinguish flames. For example, to douse event-fires, you plan earlier, outsource logistics, and streamline your process. The results? A relaxed event that charms your guests and gives you the outcome you seek.

How to Prevent Nonprofit Fires

To prevent nonprofit fires, counterintuitively, stop fighting them. Instead, every day for at least fifteen minutes, work on your vision. That is, the future you want. Invest time to:
  • Install sprinklers systems. Assign your assistant to track and troubleshoot missed deadlines.
  • Prevent flames. Call a board member who got grumpy during the meeting.
Your investment in the future you want extinguishes and prevents fires.

Why This Won’t Work

Investing at least fifteen minutes daily in vision, however, won’t cut it. Without accountability, within 90 days, you’ll return to full-time firefighting. Why? Kindling and matches are everywhere!

What Works

To change your instinctive fire-fighting impulse, work with an accountability partner. Your partner hears your anxiety, explores options to get around roadblocks, and inspires you to solve challenges long-term.
My work challenges people to choose vision instead of fear. By selecting vision, clients grow income, community support, and create mission results. One mentoring client worked with little success for years to stop fires. With mentoring in three months, she increased her key result by 87 percent.
You can lead with vision, not fear. Find an accountability partner and invest fifteen minutes or more each day in your vision. Start today because you can prevent nonprofit fires.

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