The Most Important Nonprofit Leadership Task Ever

As a nonprofit leader, you have too much to do! What is the most critical leadership task of the not-for-profit executive directors? What are three ways to do this essential and often overlooked nonprofit leadership task?

The Most Important Nonprofit Leadership Task Ever Contents

00:00 What to Do When You Have a Moment to Breathe

00:35 Taking Care of Leaders: Being Practical

01:00 Set up a System

01:05 Downtime

01:45 Plan

02:40 Get Help

02:56 Need More?

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More Burnout Prevention Resources 
Preventing burnout comes with the nonprofit leaders’ job description. In almost all cases, the way to prevent burnout is not to work harder. Instead, it is to step away from the flame and figure out how to improve your approach to challenges.
Here’s are three invitations to step back and refresh.
  • Do your board meetings stress you and your staff out?
  • Sometimes to de-stress, your brain needs some fuel.
Feed your brain with one or more of these 30 Leadership Activities for Growth.
  • Perhaps your stress comes from, well—everything.

Watch The 7 Levers of Nonprofit leadership. Could you share it with your staff? Explore which levers you can use more.

Do you have specific stressors you’d like to tackle? Don’t hesitate to reach out

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