What’s better than hunting for donors and funders?

Attracting Them!

You’ve done all the fundraising possible.

Yet, your revenue shortfalls still wake you up in the middle of the night.

You wonder what’s you’re missing?

What if, instead of waking you at night, you knew your nonprofit was bringing in gifts while you slept?

That is, it’s working hard for you.

Perhaps you’ve been so busy fundraising that you forget that many donors and funders do their own research.

They actively look for worthy causes.

Not only do these individuals get discouraged, when they find what they are looking for they are ready to invest.

You see these gifts as unsolicited major or–if they are big enough–windfall gifts.

Donor and funders see them as making nonprofit investments to create the future.

It’s easy to forget in your search for revenue, that it’s not easy give away or invest money effectively.


“a piece of unexpected good fortune, typically one that involves receiving a large amount of money.”

Windfalls gifts:

  1. 10x what you’d consider a major gift
  2. Come from a individual or organization with whom you have little or no relationship
  3. Require less labor to close than typical donations
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What! Windfalls & Unsolicited Major Gifts are NOT Just Luck!?!

The evidence speaks
for itself.

Through my analysis of those fortunate enough to receive windfall gifts, including over a dozen of my clients who were recipients of Makenzie Scott’s and similar unsolicited major gifts or investments, it’s clear that these surprise and even windfall gifts are NOT purely a matter of luck.

They arise from a handful of pivotal activities. 

That’s good news!

It means you can capture more gifts and investments by replicating the pattern.

That is, you can provide donors and funders, especially those seeking to make investments in your mission, ways to solve their challenges.