Engaging Employees in Corporate Philanthropy

Hands of female employee typingEarlier this year, I wrote about three reasons why employees like engaging in corporate philanthropy. To that list, I want to add several reasons why engaging your employees helps you.

Researchers from Wharton, Yale, and Harvard found that spending time on others increases feelings of competency, a willingness to commit to future tasks, and time affluence (“I can get that done!”) The studies found that giving provides a greater belief in time affluence than frittering it away, spending it on oneself, or even free time.

What does this have to do with your work place? Do a little study. Make a note of every time you hear someone use the word “busy” or one of its synonyms this week. It’s counterintuitive, but the more frequently you hear these expressions, the more you can benefit from establishing giving back guidelines to engage your staff in helping others.

Design corporate philanthropy to help your staff engage. Give your staff a greater sense of competency, time affluence, and openness to making future commitments. To improve your bottom-line, incorporate your business goals. To start, read the Giving Time Gives You Time study. To put it all together, request a free consultation with Karen.