Better than Discounts: How to Boost Your Nonprofit Customers into a Higher Orbit

People cheering with their hands upMany of you ask me about the best ways to help your nonprofit customers. You often share that you give discounts. Discounts represent just one option of how you can support these customers. The suggestions below offer fresh ideas to supplant or enhance discounts.

Vendors that Grant. Help your nonprofit customers to access your vendors that give grants. Many law firms, CPAs, banks and others offer nonprofit grant opportunities. Since you do business with these entities, you can recommend and vouch for potential recipients. The new connection, no matter the outcome of any grant request, strengthens the nonprofit’s community ties. If the grant partnership succeeds, your introduction will enhance your vendor’s and the nonprofit’s bottom lines.

Exchange Media Brags. Brag about your nonprofit customer’s results. Get testimonials from them to use in your media. With 1.5+million nonprofits to support, many people get confused about how to select worthy nonprofits. Your endorsements help people to focus on smart options. Business endorsements bump up nonprofit’s brand. They inspire new volunteers and donors.

Share Event Limelight. When your leadership includes the privilege of standing at the podium, instead of the usual remarks, share the stage and introduce one of your nonprofit customers to attendees. The audience will be impressed by your community-mindedness and generosity.

Today’s Challenge

Pick one of these ideas to use today. Let me know how it goes. For more, read and watch Practical Business Philanthropy ideas here.