Evidence that Your Customer’s Care About CSR

footprint in the dustIs corporate social responsibility just being nice? Will your customer’s buy more from you if you’re philanthropic? Here’s a sampling of evidence that your customers do notice your CSR and buy because of your cause engagement:

Expect CSR

 Nearly 90 percent of Americans, “believe that businesses need to place at least an equal weight on society’s interests as on business interests,” according to the Edelman Good Purpose Study.

Favor CSR

Jack Katzman, with Katzman Insurance, told me, “When my customers have multiple bids, they actively choose Philadelphia Insurance Companies because of their excellence and corporate giving, especially the larger, most successful companies.

Prefer CSR

The 2013 Cone Communications Social Impact Study, found that “89 percent of U.S. consumers assert that given similar quality and price, they would change to a brand linked with a cause.”

Even Love CSR

 “A customer comes into the store and announces, ‘I love shopping here, because I know what you do to help the community,”‘ shared Molly Jackson, owner of the New Balance stores in Sarasota, Florida.     

Business philanthropy demonstrates that you have a heart-and you’re not only about money. Skeptical new customers may wonder if you are actually interested in a relationship with them, as you state. Actions speak louder than words. Active philanthropic activity shows your ability to engage in healthy relationships. Your ability to give to others indicates your ability to give to your customers.

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Karen Eber Davis

Before founding her firm, Karen Eber Davis developed the Sarasota County Community Development Block Grant Program. Under her leadership, this infant program received the National Association of Counties National Affordable Housing Award for the Down Payment Assistance Program. To date, the program helped over 1,800 families realize their dreams of homeownership. She also worked with the City of Ft. Lauderdale and the Florida Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs, where she developed the division’s first audit program. In an earlier position at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Tampa, she organized senior, youth, and children groups plus family activities. Her youth staffing work with the Florida Synod of the Lutheran Church in America supported youth ministries in 120 congregations in Florida.