5 Ways Effective Corporate Philanthropy Helps Employees to Thrive

Group of three people in working at a meeting in an office1. Employees get to help. While employees at a print shop may be glad to help a business owner solve a challenge, when they help a nonprofit assemble, read, print, and distribute a newsletter effectively, they know their work improves local children’s lives. Changing lives is a privilege. Changing lives empowers. Doing what matters improves morale.
2. Nonprofit projects take place outside regular business routines. They produce variety-something our brains like.
3. Projects demand new skills, such as how to use limited resources to create massive impact. Furthermore, new employee-generated solutions can breed other business innovations, such as affordable new products. Employees see new possibilities.
4. By their nature, nonprofit projects embrace a bigger, richer world. With well-designed projects, your employees can meet and interact with the board members, staff, volunteers, customers, and other nonprofit supporters. More connections heighten your brand awareness and can win new customers and referrals.
5. Giving back triggers bragging rights. While your favorite employee might mention that they helped an insurance company, retailer, or government agency, they will brag about helping change people’s lives. Helping increases their pride about working for you.
Effectively empowering employees, offering variety, helping them gain skills, reaching new people, and generating pride might or might not be enough reason for you to partner with nonprofits. But understanding the value that your employees can gain will help you to determine where employee engagement fits in your corporate philanthropy strategy.