Leading the Employee Give-Back Team to Victory Questions for Philanthropic Champions

team with a trophyYou’ve been asked to lead an employee team to develop your firm’s corporate philanthropy. What are some issues to explore on your journey to a great outcome? Here are five of nine questions I recommend to shape your meetings and launch your philanthropy toward a greater return on your investments.


The questions are all “big picture” that explore effective philanthropy. Use them before you select specific activities and nonprofits to support. By answering them, you’ll establish infrastructure for long-term success for the community and your firm:


1. What does business philanthropy success look like? For the team? For the company?


2. For which causes or issues does our firm have a natural affinity?


3. Which causes support the creation of new customers?


4. What causes help our customers get more customers?


5. What kind of nonprofits offer meaningful employee engagement for team building?


Most groups begin their business philanthropy by sorting opportunities instead of discovering their whys. The following year, they find they’re busier than ever and getting scanty returns.


Start with the big picture. You will achieve more and leap light years ahead of your competition. Your team doesn’t have to do this alone, call (941-924-4860) or email to discuss how to work together. Or, if you just seek more questions, email me to send you four more powerful return on philanthropic investment queries.