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Every year trillions of funding dollars pass through the books of non-profit organizations. Chances are you and your board would like more of this non-profit income to pass through your coffers. The goal of the Leaders Series Lunch: Seven Key Funding Strategies on January 12th is to help you explore what will work for your non-profit. We’ll talk about the seven key ways that non-profits earn income for their mission and you. Which are you tapping? Which have you dismissed because years ago someone decided the source was impossible?  Where might you tap or expand a source?

Does looking at a limited list like this help? Yes. Over the past decade, I’ve helped many non-profit organizations to develop new and enhanced funding streams starting from these basic facts. Once a non-profit organization understands where its opportunities lie, they’re in an ideal position to make the most of them.


Here is a quick glance at one source:


Mission Income

Non-profits receive this income for services they provide related to their mission. Non-profit housing organizations charge rent. Theaters charge patrons for tickets. Ride services charge based on mileage. Mission income is the largest non-profit revenue source, with 28 percent of the total. For health care organizations, mission revenue is almost 40 percent. Almost every organization has opportunities to earn mission income, even if you now only provide free services. For example, we developed a viable mission income concept to offer critical data to new customers in one session, with a never-charged-a-fee organization. Exploring their opportunities within this one funding stream helped them to “clear the fog” and begin to identify and pick their best growth opportunities.

Other organizations have been earning this funding for years, but have been too busy to explore if they are maximizing it. One non-profit automatically renewed a contract to provide mission income services for seven years at the same price. The folks receiving the service were never going to mention to the non-profit that every other one of their expenses had increased during that period.

On January 12, we will help you to take a fresh look at your opportunities in mission income as well as the remaining seven sources. You leave the event with funding opportunities to explore at your non-profit organization.

Looking forward to learning with you in January.

Karen Eber Davis



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