August 26, 2017
Help! We’re Caught on a Nonprofit Event Treadmill

Grand news! Your event succeeded. You earned money. People had a blast. You generated new donors. You stewarded current ones. The results were everything you[…]

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September 4, 2015
Make New Friends: Connecting with Event Guests

At your special event, you have tables full of people. After the event, you hope to stay in contact and, especially, develop a relationship with[…]

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August 14, 2013
How to Create a Signature Event

One of my clients asked how to create a signature event; her question inspired this article.  A Signature Event is Conceived Erin McLeod, Chief Operating[…]

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August 11, 2009
How to Develop and Lead Exceptional Events

If you are like most professionals, your job involves creating events for others. Events range from annual meetings to planning retreats to formal three-day conventions[…]

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