Q: What stanWoman holding out her hand with a star light in it, decorativedard evaluation question shrinks your donated nonprofit revenue growth?

A: How much money did we raise?
Surprised? Let me explain.
You’ve heard the adage: “What gets measured gets done.” So, asking how much did we raise is good, right? Yes. Evaluation improves fundraising. However, if you only measure immediate results, you risk sweeping future donations in the trash.
Instead, seek donations today and resources (including donations) tomorrow. Measure: 1. Money raised today AND 2. Future income improvements.
What result improve future income? Outcomes, such as:
  • Referrals to new prospects.The donor, who declined a major gift opportunity, invites you to lunch with two friends. Your database expands.
  • Infrastructure improvements. The Early Learning Coalition transforms their friend-raiser, Destination Kindergarten, into a fund-raiser. They gain donations and improve their prospects.
  • Resources. Instead of money, your obtain an in-kind donation. Your expense decrease by 10 percent for years.

Make Today the Worst Fundraising Day Your Organization Ever Experiences

Why does measuring income now and later help? You grow income and your grow your future. Today, therefore, becomes the hardest fundraising day your organization ever faces. Tomorrow will include challenges for sure, but you’ll be tapping a bigger community of supporter and better infrastructure.
To improve your fundraising ask: How much did we raise? And, how much did we set in motion to raise tomorrow? Tomorrow morning, you’ll be glad you did.
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