Planned Giving: The Most Important Activity You Never Do

Here’s something I noticed working with consulting, coaching, and mentoring clients and talking to hundreds of nonprofit leaders. You rarely get to your most important fundraising activity. It takes extraordinary intention to establish a planned giving promotion habit. Listen to learn how to begin one today.

Planned Giving Content:

00:00 Why is Planned Giving Important?

00:37 Leading with Vision and Planned Gifts

00:54 Gifts Planning and The Rule of Seven

01:35 How Can You Take Advantage of the Planned Gift Opportunity

01:43 Drip Marketing Campaign- Planned Giving Marketing

02:36 Sticky Places

03:12 Too Important Not to Do

03:41 Better Days for Your Nonprofit

For a great planned giving organization check out: The National Association of Gift Planners.

For more major gift and fundraising insights, check out this Nonprofit  CEO Library.

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