How Does Fundraising Work?

Wondering how to raise more money for your nonprofit cause?

Let’s start with a clear understanding of how fundraising works. Stripped to the essentials, here it is:

  1. You work to connect with people to generate revenue and long-term donors.
  2. Some, but by no means all of these actions create donors and dollars.
  3. Time, energy, and money limit your ability to do more
  4. If you persevere and grow skills, your results improve, and you create an “orchestra” that changes lives.


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CSR, Business Philanthropy, and Your Website

Guess what a survey of the websites of twenty construction firms revealed about their corporate philanthropy and corporate social responsibility (CSR)? Not much. Half of the companies, selected because of their philanthropy, didn’t share it on their sites.

Even if you’re not in construction, here’s why it’s smart to share your business’ corporate responsibility practices on your website. 

  1. Customers. Somewhere between 81 and 94 percent of shoppers, including individuals and businesses, consult websites before purchasing. Unless you’ve decided on anonymity
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How to Write a Fundraising Plan

Their fundraising plan included beautiful graphics and lovely illustrations. It took weeks to develop. The goal was to provide value to the organization. Unfortunately, it was worthless.

 Thoughtful fundraising ideas, not beauty, generate valuable plans. To write a useful plan, produce a set of logical, concrete, interconnected steps that show how you will grow revenue. This post outlines how to create a plan that raises the revenue your mission needs and deserves. 

1. Make A Map. On a spreadsheet,

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Video: Practical Business Philanthropy and Your Website

Looking for a way to enhance your brand and share how you give back? 

Watch this short video (1.18 min.) for one example of practical business philanthropy.
Why does this exemplify practical business philanthropy?

It’s something you can

1. Repeat. To adapt this idea, pick your favorite nonprofits. Request permission to use their logo. Link to their preferred landing site.  

2. Prove. I recently surveyed twenty websites. Ten mention their philanthropic activities. Of these, about a third wrote in

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Why is Fundraising Important?

Almost everyone can agree that fundraising is important. Why?

The Money

Obtaining money takes the fundraising Oscar. Successfully fundraise, and you gain the resources you need to reach your goals.

But here are some facts about fundraising, especially raising money from individuals, that you may not know:
Of the seven nonprofit income streams, individual fundraising has the longest runway (greatest untapped revenue, longest development time) at the biggest airport (most potential donors.)
We only tap about 10 percent of the …

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Why is Corporate Social Responsibility Important?

810-9489-199Related article: What is CSR?

Imagine you could do something that was good for your profits, good for your community, and good for you–would you do it?

When done strategically, CSR is this something. It provides these benefits and more. Corporate social responsibility obligations include meeting economic, legal, ethical, and philanthropic expectations. Fulfilling these obligations brings rewards. 

Three rewards of Corporate Social Responsibility

1.    Consumer rewards for CSR.

In one recent consumer study, Cone Communications discovered that firms who supported

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Step One: How to Create Board Member Income Heroes

Footwear on female feet running on road outdoorsRelated post: Creating Board Member Income Heroes

Imagine you have the board of your dreams. They’re your heroes, especially when it comes to helping you to earn revenue.

Guess what? To turn this from a dream will take some work, but you can do it.

The first step in creating board member income heroes starts with you. Imagine the future. Identify the specific behaviors your board member heroes take. What exactly will your dream board do?

Here’s an example …

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What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

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A business’s job is to make money right?

Yes, and . . .

Research shows the consumers expect businesses to make money and help the community. Read further to learn about this second expectation, known as corporate social responsibility, or CSR. Before looking at CSR as a dynamic whole, we explore each of the three words.


While many assume corporate social responsibility applies solely to businesses and corporations, in truth any

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How to Do Fundraising?

Related post: Build Relationships.


Here are the seven essential fundraising skills:  

1. Experience giving joy. Start by exploring your philanthropic journey. Include a clear understanding of the difference between philanthropy, development, and fundraising. Fundraising offers people opportunities to improve their lives. Prove it. Give a stretch gift, one that involves a personal sacrifice-large or small.Donate Button On Mobile Showing Charity And Fundraising 

2. Organize step-by-step activities. From hundreds of possibilities, you do fundraising by planning a sequential set of steps to move potential donors to lifelong

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