Why is Fundraising Important?

Almost everyone can agree that fundraising is important. Why?

The Money

Obtaining money takes the fundraising Oscar. Successfully fundraise, and you gain the resources you need to reach your goals.

But here are some facts about fundraising, especially raising money from individuals, that you may not know:
Of the seven nonprofit income streams, individual fundraising has the longest runway (greatest untapped revenue, longest development time) at the biggest airport (most potential donors.)
We only tap about 10 percent of the potential fundraising income. In contrast, the sector taps most grants, government funds, and foundation income funding.
Multiple small donors provide greater sustainability than a single Bill Gates windfall.
Philanthropy is a learned skill. When you teach yourself generosity, you’re in a better position to effectively teach others generosity.
Generosity is contagious. Peer pressure and modeling both spread it.

The Real Treasure

To succeed at fundraising, you grow a community of dedicated individuals. Over time, you educate them about your cause and its importance. With encouragement, they become mission advocates in the larger community.

Moreover, dedicated and knowledgeable individuals become a potential resource for your organization. If you ask, they will be eager to provide you with feedback and fresh ideas. If you listen, they will feed you ideas, insights, and examples from outside your bubble. In short, you create wise counselors.

Why is fundraising important? The money and the opportunity to gain wisdom. Are you gaining both? Check out our newsletter archive here and here.

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