Does Your Nonprofit Make Dirty Asks?

Woman listening to callWhat Is a Dirty Ask?

You make a “dirty ask” when you request a meeting with your donor or sponsor, but your real intention is to seek a follow-up gift. A dirty ask is a bait-and-switch tactic.

Why Eliminate Dirty Asks? 

While dirty asks create appointments now, in the long-run, they hurt your nonprofit.

  • Dirty asks make future meetings harder to get.
  • Your donors and sponsor learn that when they hear “thank you” to plan for your forth-coming request.
  • Dirty asks break trust.

You and your team can do better than this–you have your vision to share.

A Better Option

Because of these reasons and more, as a vision-driven CEO or executive director, you’ll want to eliminate dirty asks in your organization. Instead, express your appreciation and stop. Leave space for your recognition to be savored and to do its work.

Say, “Thank You.” Period.


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