Pandemic Fundraising: Why You Should Ask Donors for Contributions Despite COVID-19

Pandemic Fundraising: Why You Should Ask Donors for Contributions Despite Covid-19You can name me the reasons why not. I’m sure you can.
That is why now is a lousy time to fundraise.
You say millions of people are out of work.
People are dying. Other causes save lives, and your cause doesn’t directly.
And, who knows when you’ll be able to resume operations.
Even as you list these facts and more, I’m throwing up my hands and signaling you to stop.
I don’t think you should structure your nonprofit’s revenue strategy around all the reasons why something won’t work.*
Let’s take a collective deep breath and put the pandemic into perspective. Let’s remember and embrace the remarkable facts you know about fundraising:
  • Asking works
  • It’s not about you. It’s about your mission and vision.
  • You meant it when you said you wanted a culture of philanthropy.
  • People want to help and will value guidance on where they can create extraordinary returns with their contributions (with you, yes?)
  • If you fail to ask and your organization falters, people will blame you. (Sorry about this one—but experts will credit the nonprofits that survive COVID-19 with fearless leaders.)
You need a positive, realistic, forward-thinking plan to deal with COVID-19 and create a fresh comeback. And, you need funds to organize it and set it into motion.
Quit bumbling about asking if you should ask. Ask. And if you need more help, please don’t hesitate to ask for it.
*If your founders took this approach, your nonprofit wouldn’t exist.

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