5 CEO Blunders that Reduce Boards Accountability

Looking for ways to make your board more accountable?

More than 50 percent of nonprofit CEOs are frustrated about their board’s accountability, a recent survey found. Nonprofit board accountability includes ensuring that your nonprofit stewards the resources it receives and follows all ethical and legal requirements and more. The MORE is where CEO and executive directors get frustrated.

When I work with clients, we start with the executive director to ensure their behavior isn’t part of the problem. I’ve discovered five blunders that CEOs make when it comes to creating an accountable board.

Watch this 4-minute video to determine if you’re making any of these common gaffes, to grow your board’s follow-through.


00:00 What is the most common CEO challenge when it comes to nonprofit boards?

00:30 Solving the challenge

00:54 How you ask for help

01:08 When is this due?

01:27 You want me to do what?

01:58 And, we’ll get what?

02:53 Missing pieces

03:52More good stuff

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