Better Board Orientations

Your board orientation is a great tool to educate your board and get new board members started on the right foot. This video outlines a 90-minute board orientation session and gives you tips about how you can make your board orientation interactive.

You can create a practical board orientation that energizes, educates, and guides your new board members to become super board members.

Better Board Orientations Table of Contents

00:00 Overview

00: 28 1. A Welcome

00:45 2. Revenue, The Sector and You

01:13 3. History of the Organization

01:34 4. Organization Chart

01:46 5. Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws

02:16 6. Your Strategy

02:48 7. Program Summaries

03:24 8. Board Roles and Responsibilities

04:02 9. Your Call to Action

04:23 10. The Vision

04:46 More Information

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