Board Engagement: 3 Things to Stop Doing Now

It’s frustrating when you ask your board to help, and everyone looks at their phones. You need board engagement so the board gets more done and has more fun.


In years of advising nonprofit CEOs, I find board struggles with two main issues: too much involvement, that is, they micromanage and not enough involvement, they disengage. Of the two, disengagement is more challenging.You may have lazy, uncommitted board members, but probably not.


Nobody gets on a board to fail.


In 75 percent of the cases, reframing the challenge into fixing a broken partnership moves you back into control and active leadership.


What are the three things to stop doing now that you can do to create more board engagement?

This video (3:35 minutes) invites you to stop doing three things that contribute to disengagement and move toward engagement invitations. You can improve your nonprofit’s board engagement.

Chapters of Board Engagement: 3 Things to Stop Doing Now

0:00 The situation

0:29 Stop this at meetings

1:18 Stop this before and after meetings

2:44 If you do nothing else, stop this

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