July 27, 2020

You Sound Like An Amateur When You Talk about Strategy

Nonprofit organizations that experience abrupt threats to their sustainability or want to thrive act with purpose. That is, they create a strategy and execution plan to move forward. A strategy, among other things, is your master plan to win–to survive and thrive now.

Yet, many nonprofits create strategies that don’t help and make them look unprofessional. This series, 7 Strategy Mistakes that Make Your Nonprofit Look Unprofessional, explores these common mistakes.

This first helps you to avoid using mom and pop language and sounding unprofessional when you discuss strategic planning and strategy.


00:00 Series Overview

00:21 Three Symptoms of Mom and Pop Strategy Language

1:38 How to Sound Professional When You Discuss Strategy

1:47 How You Will Win 2:08 What a Strategy Does

2:22 What Great Nonprofit Strategy is Exciting and Worthwhile

3:00 Great Strategy: A Labor-Saving Device

3:30 Great Strategy: A Siren Call to People Who Love Your Mission

3:59 About this Series

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If you want to know even more about nonprofit strategy, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I’d love to help you create a dynamic strategy to help your nonprofit thrive in good times and bad—Karen
Karen Eber Davis

Karen Eber Davis provides customized advising and coaching around nonprofit strategy and board development. People leaders hire her to bring clarity to sticky situations, break through barriers that seem insurmountable, and align people for better futures. She is the author of 7 Nonprofit Income Streams and Let's Raise Nonprofit Millions Together.


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