How to Recruit Stellar Nonprofit Board Members

Listen to this video to solve your board member recruitment challenges AND to establish a simple but effective system to generate a pipeline of prospects for your nonprofit organization. Discover Karen’s PBM list.

How to Recruit Stellar Board Member Chapters 

00:00 It’s That Time of Year Again

00:19 Solving the Board Recruitment Challenge Now and Later

00:23 The Usual Suspects

00:43 The Usual Suspects with a New Twist

01:02 Check with Your Vendors

01:40Approaching “Popular” Board Members

02:38 Avoiding Future Board Member Recruitment Panic

03:00 Karen’s Prospective Board Member Tool

04:20 Want More?

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If you’d like to even more about board recruitment or dynamic nonprofit boards, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’d love to help you recruit and create a nonprofit board that launches your nonprofit onward and upward.

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