How to Succeed Getting Nonprofit Corporate Sponsors

Would you like to get more corporate sponsors?

I am guessing yes. In that case, how should you think about this vital revenue opportunity?

By watching this video you will discover what most businesses seek when they buy sponsorships from not-for-profit organizations.


How to Succeed Getting Nonprofit Corporate Sponsors Chapters

00:00 Introduction to Corporate Sponsors

00:18 The Two Sponsorship Outcomes

00:38 The Most Common Goal of Sponsors: External Sponsorship Marketing

00:55 The Second Most Common Goal: Internal

01:20 Your Sponsor’s Community Goal

02:30 More Resources on How to Secure Sponsorships

More Sponsorship Resources

How to Grow Your Sponsorships Dollars

Regain Your Lapsed and Waffling Sponsors

How Can You Increase Your Sponsors’ ROI?

Your Donors, Sponsors, and Funders Can You Keep Them?

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