Make Big Income Steps With Small Nudges

Man With 3 Arrows Showing Choice of DirectionAs schools begin across the country it’s time to remember our own role in learning and educating others. Leaders do both.

 Vicki Pugh, Vice President of Development at Palm Beach University, shared this example of educating other senior staff.  

 Palm Beach Atlantic University in West Palm Beach faced limited income growth options.

They had three choices:

  • Increase tuition.
  • Increase enrollment.
  • Donated income.

They also faced two limits:

  • The state limited tuition growth to no more than 3 percent.
  • The campus was at near capacity in terms of dorms and facilities.

In a conversation with senior staff at the University, Vicki confirmed that these were the University’s choices. “Then the way forward is advancement efforts, right?” she asked.

The senior staff agreed.

To gain support for development work (and its expenses), educate others. Be a teacher. The school? Your organization.  Why is this important? Fundraising is a team sport. You can’t win if your team’s not playing. 

PS. I interviewed Vicki because she had just had an amazing year in fundraising — the whole community was buzzing about her success.