10 Ways to Provide Value to a Business Partner

lakeside picture of water, boats and plantsDo you want to earn more income from corporate and business partnerships? Of course!

In our work, we’ve often been asked to help develop business partnerships and sponsorship opportunities. While many other business objectives remain possible, here are ten distinctive objectives that deal with customer growth. Each focuses on helping business to woo customers—a common business goal. Each provides high value to growing concerns. Each provides the opportunity for you to jointly design customized ways to meet the objective.


You can…

1. Move a potential customer from never having heard a business name to recognizing it with a prompt.

2. Move a potential customer from never having heard a name to recognizing it without a prompt.

3. Remind potential customers of a business name and service or product. (Assumes that most people recognize the name.)


You can…

4. Invite a potential customer to sign-up for a business promotion.

5. Encourage a potential customer to open an email or print mail.

6. Encourage a potential customer to remain on a mailing list.


7.  Encourage a potential customer to accept a call from a business.

8.  Support a potential customer to initiate contact with a business.

9.  Encourage a potential customer to try a business service or product once.

10. Stimulate repeat business.

As you develop partnerships, offer some or all of these objectives at different cost ranges instead of the classic but weary bronze, silver gold opportunities. Help your partner to choose their objective. Then decide what you will do jointly to help them meet the objective and the efforts total cost.

Which objectives have you help your business partners achieve?

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