How Can Video Help Your Nonprofit? With Rachel Healy

Answers to Your Questions about Nonprofit Video with Rachel Healy

Should your nonprofit invest in videos? Your marketing staff asked for it. Your development staff agrees. But, given your other needs, does the investment make sense?

And, if you do invest, how can you make the most of your investment? How might you get started creating videos with value?

In this five-minute video, Karen interviews video expert Rachel Healy, Co-founder and Managing Director, Open Eye Creative. We answer your nonprofit video questions so you can make practical and informed buying decisions for your nonprofit.

Chapters of How Can Video Help Your Nonprofit?

00:00 Karen introduces her guest

00:15 Why invest in high-quality nonprofit videos?

00:40 What usually triggers creating videos in nonprofits?

01:19 How do we choose an outstanding videographer?

Creative Eye Portfolio

02:59 How can I make the most out of our video investment?

03:44 Sharing videos with the community is brilliant. How do I get started?

Creating the Best Video for Your Budget

04:21 How can I discover more resources about nonprofit videos and other leadership questions?

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Creating the Best Video for Your Budget

Creative Eye Portfolio