Making Great Website Upgrades with Alisa Herr

Are you planning on upgrading your nonprofit website soon? Then you need practical answers to your CEO and executive questions about investing in website upgrades. These include:
  • Should your nonprofit invest in upgrading your website?
  • What usually triggers upgrades?
  • How can you make sure your upgrades are successful?
  • How much should you budget for a nonprofit website upgrade?

In this innovative six-minute video, Karen Eber Davis interviews expert Alisa Herr, President of Unity Web Agency, to answer your nonprofit CEO and  executive director questions and more. Listen to see Alisa answers your nonprofit website upgrade questions so you can make super smart and informed buying decisions for your nonprofit. This video is one of Karen’s CEO Buying Decision Video Series.

Making Great Nonprofit Website Upgrades Chapters

00:00 Karen introduces Alisa Herr
00:13 What triggers nonprofit website upgrades?
00:50 Getting first-class nonprofit website upgrades
01:40 What is website accessibility, and why is it practical and important for nonprofits?
02:15 What happens when nonprofit website accessibility fails?
02:40 How can website accessibility benefit everyone in your nonprofit community?
02:59 How can you start to make your nonprofit website accessible?
03:30 How much money do nonprofit website upgrades cost?
04:33 How does the process of completing a nonprofit website upgrade work?
05:10 How to get Alisa’s recommended resource and more

Alisa’s Recommended Resource 

The Essential Guide to Web Accessibility for Writers, Marketers, and Content Managers

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