Are You Taking Enough Care of YOU?

How to Lead with Vision Not Fear, #9

How is it going with you? In this session, Karen shares a story of when she lead with fear. She gives you a clear way to measure yourself and answer the question, are you taking enough care of yourself now?

If you only have a few minutes:

  • My Bad: A leader fails to take care of herself .23
  • What is leading with vision, not fear? 2.26
  • The Quiz: Are You Taking Care of Yourself 2.52
  • Why is self-care so important now? 9:56
  • How can you sharpen your self-care? 10:56
  • Karen’s Star Approach: Set, Test, Account, Reboot 9:56
  • What to do about 30-days with no progress 11;50
  • Inspiration: Marie Currie quote 13:29

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